Franklin Jewelry Store Owner Charged With Buying, Processing Stolen Jewelry

The ruby was created in 1976 for Kazanjian Brothers jewelry company in Beverly Hills, Calif., by sculptor Alfonso de Vivanco for the U.S. bicentennial. One of the bound employees, gold buyer Dan McGrath, recalled that the crime “happened so fast, I didn’t have time to get nervous about it.” The thieves fled in a rental truck with stolen New York license plates north on Interstate 95 toward Chester, Pa. A witness to the crime followed the truck at 100 mph in his Mercedes sedan, speaking to a 911 operator much of the way. He backed off when the suspects opened the rear door of the truck and pointed a gun at his car.

A similar crime went down in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day, when thieves crashed a pickup truck into a jewelry store in Union. And in the midst of another storm just last week, at least three thieves slammed a pickup truck through the glass storefront of The Jewelry Center on Route 4 in Paramus at about 6:45 a.m. They used a backhoe to load a safe into a getaway car. That job netted $250,000 in jewelry and cash, Paramus police said. With the Springfield and Union burglaries still considered open investigations, detectives from the three departments are comparing notes in the hopes of obtaining leads and determining whether the crimes were committed by the same band of thieves. Paramus Police Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg said it was “too early to say” whether the same people considered organized and experienced were involved.

After Larry Faini died in 1995, Gerard took over the management and direction of the company as day dresses CEO. Thomas is the facility operations manager and master craftsman. Two of Gerard s sons, Nic and Nathan , and one of Thomas sons, Justin , have since joined the company. Nic takes care of sales and marketing. Nathan and Justin work in design and production. In 2000, they decided to expand their business to offer jewelry and watches directly to the public, and they opened Faini Designs Jewelry Studio . We were done relying on retail jewelers for our business, Gerard says.

Jewelry stolen in Main Line smash-and-grab

Halle Berry, Jessica Alba Heart Same Sky Jewelry Print Courtesy Photo (5) Several years ago, producer Francine LeFrak set out to make a film about the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The movie never got off the ground, but that didn’t put a dent in her determination to improve the lives of women there. Same Sky , a jewelry line she founded and helps design, now employs 130 female Rwandan artisans many of whom are victims of rape and HIV-positive. Starting at around $39 and with 100% of net profits going back to the makers, the colorful necklaces , bracelets , and earrings feature Japanese beads, Venetian glass, or traditional fabrics and have found fans in Halle Berry , Jessica Alba , and Meryl Streep among other stars. “I open my jewelry drawer every morning and always end up picking one of these to wear,” says LeFrak, pointing to a bright-as-sunshine yellow glass bead necklace she’s paired with a pinstripe power suit. “These pieces affect the lives of the makers and their children, so they inevitably outshine my other jewelry.” Late last year, LeFrak launched a program in the United States whereby women just out of jail produce some of Same Sky’s pieces.

The Katy-designed collection will boast limited edition articles, seasonal novelty items, collectibles and more, all inspired by her music. Claires exec Jim Fielding told WWD (via Yahoo ) that Perry will create the designs herself. The reason that Perry was selected to craft her own Claires accessories over the aforementioned RiRi or Taylor Swift or any of her other stylish peers? Simple. She was the most popular celeb among the brands target demo. When we survey our girls around the world, shes the superstar that resonates globally, Fielding told WWD. Weve done smaller deals and always carried different products.

The state is also investigating the merchants business practices, police said. Stephanie Connelly, 51, of Greeley, Pa., owns North Jersey Gold and Silver, where an alleged thief sold stolen jewelry in November, said Detective Nevin Mattessich. Connelly is accused of buying the stolen jewelry from Tomasz Przybojewski on Nov. 20, 2013 and then sending it to a refinery on the same day, Mattessich said. Przybojewski allegedly used a foreign identification of a deceased relative to sell the jewelry to the store, and authorities charged him with wrongful impersonation and theft. Detectives have now charged Connelly with failing to get proper identification from Przybojewski and of failing to hold on to the jewelry for a minimum of three days after giving a record of the sale to the local police, as required by state statute approved in 2009 and amended last year, Mattessich said.

The bandits entered the Govberg store in the Suburban Square complex near East Lancaster Avenue about 6:20 p.m. and announced a robbery, police said. The group used hammers to shatter the glass cases. No employees or customers were injured in the incident, which remains under investigation, police said. Sulaiman Abdur-Rahman


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