Supermodel Naomi Campbell Launches Ebola Fashion Pop-up – Yahoo News

View photo British supermodel Naomi Campbell poses as she arrives at the launch of the Fashion For Relief Pop-Up at Westfield in London on November 27, 2014 (AFP Photo/Justin Tallis) London (AFP) – British supermodel Naomi Campbell launched a pop-up fashion shop in east London to raise awareness of the spread of Ebola on Thursday. Sporting a thick fringe and wearing a plunging grey dress, Campbell showed off party dresses, glittery high heels and other pieces donated by designers and friends to be sold at the store. see page The “Fashion for Relief” shop, a fundraising drive founded by Campbell after the Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005, will be open for one week at the Westfield shopping centre in east London. “Raising awareness for Ebola and educating about its prevention is crucial to help prevent the spread of this deadly disease,” Campbell said in a statement ahead of the opening. “We hope the Fashion For Relief store will raise much-needed funds and awareness, whilst offering amazing pieces at accessible prices.” Campbell was joined at the launch by fellow Londoners rapper Tinie Tempah and actor Idris Elba, famous for playing character Stringer Bell in TV show The Wire and Nelson Mandela in a 2013 biopic.

Police Criticize Stores Amid U.K. Black Friday Disorder – Bloomberg

Officers were called to seven Tesco Plc (TSCO) stores in the Manchester area earlier today, Greater Manchester police said. In London, the Metropolitan Police dealt with calls from three Tesco stores after large crowds gathered. The events of last night were totally predictable and I am disappointed that stores did not have sufficient security staff on duty, Peter Fahy, chief constable of Greater Manchester police, said in an e-mail. This created situations where we had to deal with crushing, disorder and disputes between customers. It does not help that this was in the early hours when police resources are already stretched. Tesco extended Black Friday discounting to stores for the first time today after starting with online sales last year.

Fashion Faceoff: Bella Thorne vs. Beyoncé in a White Hot Jumpsuit | Yahoo Celebrity – Yahoo Celebrity

X[S8~vg !t@)t:VlZJB{$!Nvb\? }MiDeo^X9NV[_w EDq%pnb HR,p0Rm4MCs Sal#T”A+M6aI0I 3: O$ %4@C Q1w2J]L gD$@ vC]T576h*[]T4 j)}ESM P.Wl?YQ$EsyuTS23rd$# }rAY`s z’=r]tQkPft4B)SZ9%!&TH-),$%1&=c^6y ,8mo \={V./FKh.7 H2h!>@’ j Tm [mH%t\ 8.m(vU*eCDC `vCR!GV”%-jqBxC{8@”B”)2*,tn*>gq&9nKuagBn_m7\0Y^bo&<]n.Zn9UfU-jy8Wisl{cm LQ"gfQ~ 7L)<"XO1"(?Ow_won${FM$ur 5^`mV_:[HF ~rJKa]eg70 3G^Y/ ?RF be>l1]CL /R5m^ ?y^R}O ] X?>{@’LZ em!FtH cr-y-^’4%c6.*PVbO9v> 2#i s P#B1i+>/tz EG^/mJ {VVt1*,>u&=v>*&HY0a_wPY zrS!| Jhj}sau;):R9;>muT<<QN@= 3Ob3=” >;Q^ UgAZe Fashion Faceoff: Bella Thorne vs. Beyonce in a White Hot Jumpsuit Bella Thorne vs. Beyonce (Getty Images) Bella Thorne, with her movie and TV roles, books, and music, has become teen royalty. In fact, the 17-year-old Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day actress recently wore the very same look as the Queen B herself. Thorne’s white hot jumpsuit at the Horrible Bosses 2 premiere in L.A. on Nov.

Sony confirms development of e-paper smartwatch | PCWorld

I teach life. If you have success, you should use your voice to help those who have no voice. YOU’RE ALSO SO HONEST IN YOUR BOOK ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS FAILURES. I practice honesty. That’s my religion. The TV show is the same thing.

Diane von Furstenberg on ‘House of DVF’ and what it takes to succeed | Boston Herald

No other details about the project were available but the confirmation follows a Bloomberg report that said the watchs face and band will be made of e-paper and serve as a combined display surface. We can confirm that a project team named Fashion Entertainments located in the New Business Creation Department of Sony Corporation is working on prototypes that use electronic paper including a wristwatch, a Sony spokesman in Tokyo wrote in an email. We decline to comment on specifics such as the possible commercialization of this project, or any targeted product launch date. The struggling electronics company refused to give any details about the Fashion Entertainments team other than saying it works on prototypes including e-paper devices. Sony established its New Business Creation Department in April this year in an attempt to foster new products that dont fit into its traditional product categories. Referring to creations such as its tennis sensor , lens-style cameras and 4K ultra short-throw projector , in May it said the new organizations mission is to draw on internal and external insight to provide a catalyst for innovation and to provide the opportunity for new ideas to transition into successful new businesses. In a sign of its importance to Sony, the department is being overseen directly by CEO Kazuo Hirai. It was being run by Hiroki Totoki until he was appointed in October to take over subsidiary Sony Mobile Communications. Sony was an early entrant to the still nascent wearables market, launching its first SmartWatch in 2012.


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